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Strategic Skills

Start upgrading your marketing and sales skills, without which you are setting up yourself for failure in business. Pure and simple. 

Pick Your Target

Your choice of products and target audience matters a lot. Joining any business that comes your way is not being smart. 

Right Offer

You can acquire the right skills, pick the right products and target audience, but without creating the right offer, you will fail.

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We Bring Under One Roof The Scattered Secrets of Smart Uplines 

If you've ever spent hours and hours looking online for the secrets recipe for MLM success, only to be bugged down and confused, well you're not alone. 

Thousands of people like you have the hard way that the online world is full of sharks and wild alligators whose interests may not be yours. 

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Is Simple: if you have 8 hours to cut a tree, you better spend 6 hours sharpening your axe!

Making money in MLM the old fashion way of chasing friends and family is rusty and risky. It will cause to lose friends and worst of all, you'll not make money. 

Same thing goes for spamming social media, posting worthless links or sending unsolicited text messages to your friends. 

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John D. Orsatti

direct Marketer

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S. Emmanuel

Wellness practioner

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